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• The following sites offer resources for conscious living, including meditation, yoga, spirituality, alternative healing and more.

The Hunger Site
"The Hunger Site was founded to focus the power of the Internet on a specific humanitarian need: the eradication of world hunger." You can click as often as once daily - it's free - and for each click, a certain amount of food is donated. The same principle applies to their associate sites - simply clicking provides funds for animal rescue, the rain forest, literacy, child health and breast cancer.

An interactive, multimedia yoga website, offering a wide range of yoga instruction... faithful to the spirit of yoga, safe and effective for you to practice at home.

Conscious Lifestyle Magazine
Meditation teacher Dina Proctor outlines her process for using the power of visualization and meditation to produce measurable changes in her blood work via epigenetic mechanisms. Includes an excerpt of her interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton to understand how the mind-body connection works.

"Individualogist†is the largest resource for self discovery and personal growth, with a focus on helping each individual identify their most dominant Jungian archetype. They also provide a wealth of other spirituality related tools and information, covering topics such as astrology, birth charts, affirmations, chakras, meditation, and self improvement in general."

How to Meditate for Beginners
This site is provides a unique synthesis of ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical advice to help you live the best life you possibly can - with a specific focus on meditation and other "internal arts."

Spiritual Information
"Learn how-to's of spirituality."

"OmPlace is a jumping-off point for the spiritual Truth-seeker. It offers essays on metaphysics, spirituality, and various other subjects; a recommended reading list; comprehensive links; quotations to make you think (and maybe laugh); and lots more."

Yoga Instructor Courses
"Discover the knowledge, develop the skills, and build the confidence to become a qualified hatha yoga teacher. Remember, it's not what you get from your qualification that matters, it's what you become. Become more with HFE"
This site helps low income veterans find financial assistance programs.

Life Club
"Before starting Life Club, I asked myself 'what is the biggest problem in the world?' For me it's education, because education is the lever that moves all other levers. If you give someone the right skills and mindset, there's no limit to what they could achieve. They could be the next Bill Gates or Elon Musk."
"Numerology Sign has the latest tips and guides on Meditation, Yoga, and all things spiritual."

Astrology Junction
Astrology Junction provides free astrology meanings, tarot draws, and horoscopes.

Way of Tao
"A site that celebrates nature's way of success." Along with informative articles on nature and the Tao, this site offers a free dream dictionary and I Ching readings.

Meditation Eye
Our mission is to provide information and ideas for those searching for a way to unlock the power and potential within themselves.

Zen Lifestyle in School
Most students experience some level of stress at school, but students deal with stress in many different ways. Learn more about the mind/body connection for students, and find out how students are achieving and staying in the Zen zone, and how you can, too.

48 people comment on the wonderful benefits meditation has brought them.

" is the premier guide to online counseling and mental health. E-counseling is managed by Dr. Stacey Lebowitz-Levy, a licensed psychologist with a PhD in stress and its relation to goals and emotions. Topics of interest covered on the site include stress, depression, anxiety, relationships, mental health, intimacy, career and addictions."

The Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation
"Based firmly in Tradition and the fundamental principles of G. I. Gurdjieff's teaching of The Fourth Way, The Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation is an independent exploration whose aim is to creatively apply this seminal, esoteric teaching of self-transformation to contemporary life."

How to Meditate
"Easy meditation techniques for beginners to meditate properly."

"Welcome to Rexsy's Universe of Infinite Silence, Emptiness, Meditation, Serenity, and Intelligence. Rexsy's endeavor is to bring Universal Cosmic Meditation, Philosophy, Arts, Science, Music, and general knowledge for enlightening humanity across the Universe of profoundly moving Beauty, Peace, and Love."

How to Kill the Demons of Your Mind
"Believing your thoughts and having attachment to them are the two poisons of the mind." This article offers insight into these as well as ways to free yourself from them.

Truth Contest
"This is a contest to find and spread the truth about life and death, the ultimate truth. Give us some truth. You may represent religion, philosophy, science, or yourself."

UK Tantric Massage
"A genuine Tantric Massage is used as a therapy, a path of exploration, a way to expansion and a sensual meditation. Couples are also taught to take each other on a journey of Tantric massage."

Gaiam Beginner's Guide to Meditation
"Our guide brings together the most-wanted answers and info about meditation — including beginner’s guide, FAQ, meditation styles, how to sit, meditation as medicine, creating a meditation space and more."
"A spiritual site for New Age/New Thought wisdom, spirituality, natural health, enlightenment, healing, metaphysical, esoteric study. Inspired by Cayce, Holmes, Seth, Walsch, Zukav teachings. Guest writers and original works by author, Roy E. Klienwachter. E-books, e-store and courses available. Free downloads."

Online Yoga Guide
"A wide range of information on yoga, benefits of yoga, various yoga exercises, types of yoga such as ashtanga yoga, hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, and bikram yoga, plus yoga equipment."

American Childhood Cancer Organization
American Childhood Cancer Organization - ACCO - began in 1970, by a group of parents whose children had been diagnosed with cancer. They came together to lobby for more research, and to support each other through the diagnosis and treatment of this life threatening disease.
One of the largest resources for personal growth and self improvement on the internet. The site includes hundreds of articles and links to websites specializing in personal growth and self help, plus a weekly newsletter, and inspirational quotes.

The Manifest Station
"The Manifest-Station has arrived! Finally, an enlightened internet TV channel 100% dedicated to spiritual growth, human consciousness, and raising the world's vibration. Worldwide access to timeless teachings 24/7 for free."

Share Guide - The Holistic Health Magazine
A holistic health magazine and resource guide focusing on alternative medicine, personal growth and environmental awareness.

Life Now
A friendly site that includes positive life aphorisms; book excerpts; numerology; weekly journal entries; meditations; recipes; and links.

How To Boost Your Self-Esteem
"Boost your self esteem through awareness with articles, free resources, recommended books and more..."

Improve Your Self Esteem
"Methods to improve your self esteem."

Famous Inspirational Quotes and Sayings
"Words to inspire you and start your day on a positive note."

SKDesigns Spirituality & Alternative Healing
An extensive site that includes links to helpful alternative resources, including: meditation and yoga; Self Realization Fellowship; healing music; retreats and workshops; aromatherapy; death and dying; a spiritual art gallery; thought for the day; and more.

Spiritual Connection
The Spiritual Connection offers channeled teachings from angels and high spirit beings. It features: the on-line book The Path of Light by Emanuel, with helpful information on ascension, earth changes, purpose of life, reincarnation, karma, etc.; a weekly channeled address; Spirit Chat for on-line discussion; and more.

Odyssey Of The Soul
Includes metaphysical information on healing, self-hypnosis, hypnotherapy, inner child, Higher Self, spirit channeling, psychic dreams, subconscious mind, reincarnation, past lives, regression therapy, abuse memories, re-birthing, light, meditation, earth changes, prophecy, akashic records, new age, and Light for the millennium.

Meditation Den
"Learn how to meditate at Meditation Den with a free selection of guides and articles."

Self-Help & Psychology Magazine
An educational publication written by mental health professionals for the discussion of general psychology as applied to our everyday lives. It includes articles and info on a broad range of psychological topics.

The hOMe Foundation
This site offers information on a variety of spiritual practices, including: Kriya Yoga; pranayama; mantras; meditation; yoga asanas; and free chapters from the book, A Recipe for Bliss.

Get love quotations
"Best Quotes Poems is the best website for quotes and quotations on motivation, inspiration, love, romance, teen love and many more topics . Check the famous poems and authors section."

Healing through Detoxification, Cleansing, Chelation, and Juicing
"Information on Body Detoxification, Healing Foods, Herbal Colon Cleansing, Oral Chelation, Juicing, Heavy Metal Removal, and Liver Detoxification."

Meditation Station
This site is hosted by The Meditation Society of America, and offers many different meditation techniques; a meditation of the week; meditation concepts; and a section offering "Words of Wisdom."

HAMR stands for Hand Actuated Mental Reconditioning. The site offers information and instructions on the HAMR technique, for rewiring the brain to develop greater happiness, self esteem and self confidence.

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