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candles with buddhaIn this meditation, the light you see when you close your eyes and look at the back of your eyelids - your "inner screen" - will be your primary object of focus. Focussing on this light will produce a pleasant state of relaxation, plus this light serves as a bridge to connect you with the light of your Inner Essence -- your Core Self. It's a fairly simple meditation, but is potentially very deep.

Steps of the Inner Light Meditation

  1. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed.

  2. Look at the screen that fills the space behind your closed eyelids.

  3. Notice any light that appears on your inner screen. The light may appear as little particles, patterns, images, colors, "snow" on a tv screen, etc. (Consider anything that is not absolute darkness to be a form of light.)

  4. Gently focus on the light.

  5. It is not neccessary to focus clearly. Simply look at the light with relaxed attention.

  6. If you feel as though you are slipping into a sleep-like or dream-like state, allow it to happen.

  7. If you do not see any light on your screen, it's ok... just focus on the dark screen. Whatever you experience is all right.


  8. If you notice you have drifted off into your thoughts, simply bring your attention back to your inner screen and continue looking at the light.

Benefits of this meditation:

  • Relaxation and stress reduction.
  • Increased flow of fuel to the brain.
  • Gradual opening of the 6th chakra - the "inner eye" or "third eye" - giving clear insight and inner vision.
  • Direct experience of your calm, unbounded Inner Essence.
    Connecting with your Inner Essence taps a wellspring of spiritual energy which nourishes and enhances all levels of life. When connected with your Inner Essence, life flows more effortlessly, and you begin to perceive the world as a more supportive, enjoyable place. Regular contact with your Inner Essence catalyzes a gradual shift to a higher level of consciousness. All of the "Core Meditations" offered at the Online Meditation Center have this capacity.

For a diagram and explanation of chakras, go to the Glossary Room.

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