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Here are some of the praises and recommendations
we've received over the years
from various publications and from our visitors.

O ~ The Oprah Magazine
"Computers offer a number of online sanctuaries that can help you take a breather right at your desk... For reflective exercises, try the healing and centering lessons at"

8 Women Dream
The Top 48 Most Motivational and Inspirational Web Sites
#16. The Online Meditation Center
"Just stopping by this site will inspire you to go after your dreams."

Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine
"Visit the World Wide Online Meditation Center. This is a great site for beginners to learn exactly how to get started; each of its several 'rooms' gives simple step-by-step instructions on a different meditation technique. Visit the relaxation and stress-reduction room, or try the energy healing room, which teaches you how to channel energy directly to an effected area."

Forbes Magazine: Best of the Web
"The Worldwide Online Meditation Center: If you want to achieve ascension - the highest level of human consciousness - this site will tell you how to do it. For other meditations, browse through the pastel-colored pages and click on, for example, Centering or Inner Light Meditation. You'll get history, instructions and the benefits of this meditation to your health. (The latter leads to clearer insight.)"

Simplicity Magazine
" - This easy to navigate, bright and serene website is a must for meditation newbies and frequent practitioners alike. Includes 'rooms' for relaxing, healing and centering. Each room has easy to understand descriptions of the practices, as well as brief histories. Best of all are the site's quick instructional exercises that even the most hyperactive web surfer can easily complete."

Science of Mind Magazine
" -- There seems little doubt we exist in an 'Age of Anxiety.' With the introduction of the computer, the fax machine, e-mail and other such current devices, everything accelerates - including our lives - at a faster, more hectic pace.

"However, we have available an ancient and effective means to slow everything down - and bring us some much-needed inner calm. This appealing website makes no claim to give us instant peace of mind, but it does make available a large number of meditation techniques to place us on the path. Instruction is available to those who are new to meditation, as well as to those more advanced.

"The site provides links to four basic meditations: core meditations, which involve the use of breath and focussing on inner light; meditations to relieve stress through relaxation; healing meditations; and a centering meditation. Give this site a try. You may find it almost as good as your morning cup of coffee."

Rosie Magazine
"Feeling a sudden desire for inner peace, I logged on to, which offers simple online classes in deep breathing, visualizing and 'centering' yourself. I started out by sitting 'comfortably with my eyes closed, my spine reasonably straight.' After a few minutes, I was sure I had released the 'psychic/emotional toxins' the site said are responsible for stress."

"Thank you so much for making this website available. I find it very uplifting and look forward to any new information you might have to share. Thanks again. Diana"

"Hello Jim,  Thank you for your lovely web site on meditation. It is the most accessible and non-threatening source of information on meditation I have come across. Too often, there are so many rules and strictures that I just get overwhelmed and give up. Meditation becomes a chore, not a pleasure. Your approach is very forgiving. Cheers, Flo Lo"

"Hello Jim,  Thank you for making meditation available and easily understood. Joan"

"Jim - Thank you so much for the wisdom I have received from reading your site. I can't speak enough of how much you have given just me alone. Jordan"

"Hi Jim,  I love your site. It really has been a life-saver - literally. The world really needs you and your work, Jim. Thank you and bless you for being here. Sincerely, Danby"

"Hi Jim!  I have just begun meditation and I want to take a moment and thank you for your wonderful site. I have read through several sites (luckily yours was the first) and nothing has compared to your simple, straightforward approach. I wish you love, light and happiness in your endeavors, and thank you for your wisdom. Love, Wendy"

"Dear Jim,  I have just been visiting your site. It is really wonderful. I am an artist/teacher and energy healer and have been visiting different meditation sites for information that might be helpful to my students. I am teaching some art/meditation workshops in April and have found your site most helpful. I will be sure to recommend it to my students. I find it to be full of clear, concise and accessible information and advice about meditation in its many manifestations. Thanks for a beautiful contribution to humanity! Maria"

"I found your site today. The best site I've ever come across. Straight forward, no BS, easy to follow and gets the the heart of it all simply and effectively. Stephanie"

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