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We are not just our physical selves. We are multi-dimensional beings, composed of a vital body, an emotional body, a mental body, and a spiritual body which is our innermost essence.

subtle bodies For a brief explanation of your energy bodies, go to the Glossary Room.

The energy of these bodies becomes progressively subtler from physical to spiritual. Illness begins with disharmony in one of these energy bodies. If not harmonized, the disharmony - or dis-ease - moves outward, effecting the denser bodies, ultimately manifesting as physical illness.

Total healing requires restoring harmony to all of our bodies. This meditation is designed to cleanse and harmonize your various bodies with the healing energies of color.

Steps of Color Healing Meditation

  1. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed.ball of light

  2. Visualize a large ball of radiant Golden light a few inches over your head. Visualize that ball of light slowly descending through your crown, filling your entire being with golden light.

  3. Imagine yourself absorbing that light as it nourishes, cleanses and heals your whole being - your Spirit and all of your bodies - dissolving all blocked and toxic energies.

  4. Repeat this exercise, visualizing a ball of Red light. Continue through the entire spectrum like this, visualizing a ball of Orange light; Yellow light; Green light; Blue light; Indigo light; and Violet light. Go through the spectrum at whatever pace feels appropriate.

  5. Take some time to visualize yourself in a state of perfect, radiant health.

Benefits of this meditation:

  • Cleansing, balancing, and healing at all levels... Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. (Although color healing has been used for ages as an effective tool, if you have a serious illness it is suggested that you see a qualified health practitioner.)

  • Develops concentration and visualization abilities.

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