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I have a little dilemma when I meditate that I need your guidance on. My first 20 minutes of meditation seems OK as my mind is trying to focus (on the Inner Sound). I could hear my heart beat and the ringing in my ears very clearly. All of a sudden, I heard another sound which then I concentrated on. Then I felt this rush of energy flow TO my body, I could hear my heart beats faster and faster because I was afraid. My body temperature rose because I was also afraid of what was happening to me. I also felt my body and head was very light and this small pain at the back of my head. After a few seconds, everything faded away, I guess I didn't let it happen. Jim, could you tell me what happened to me and how could I overcome this and reach another level of consciousness? Please explain my experience.


Your meditation has triggered a sudden increase of the flow of Life Force energy called Kundalini. It is, as you have experienced, a very powerful energy. There is nothing to fear, it's quite natural, but Kundalini's power should be respected, as it is the creative force of the Universe.

When this Life Force awakens within us, its movement is upwards, through a small channel within the spine. It is moving - or attempting to move - up from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. When it is able to reach our higher energy centers or "chakras," it raises our consciousness to higher levels, and awakens our higher spiritual, creative and intuitive faculties. (see the Glossary for a brief explanation of chakras)

If this energy encounters any obstructions in its path, it will do whatever is needed to clear these blockages away. The obstructions are a manifestation of our inner limitations and unresolved issues... our physical, psychic and emotional toxins. So when the Life Force is clearing these obstructions, it is healing us and freeing us from our limitations.

The more clearing it does, the more freely this energy can move and reach its goal at the crown of the head. When it is able to fully reach the crown, we experience a state of union with Universal Consciousness in varying degrees. Sometimes this manifests as being filled with spiritual light, or feelings of great love, joy, bliss or connectedness with life.

Your experience of heat is very normal when this energy is moving. The small pain at the back of your head is Kundalini attempting to clear a small energy blockage there. The lightness in your head was a result of the energy reaching the head area and higher chakras, and expanding your consciousness. The Kundalini experience is not something to overcome, but a force that will, in itself, take you to a higher state of consciousness.

Here are some important points to remember when an increase in Kundalini occurs:

• If this energy has increased naturally through meditation, it is because you are spiritually ready for the elevated consciousness and the transformation it is catalyzing.

• Your role in this process is simply to surrender to its movement... allow it to flow, without blocking it, forcing it or attempting to control it. Never try to coax it. It is an intelligent energy and knows what you need spiritually and what your capacity for conducting it is. You will experience varying degrees of it in your meditation.... sometimes more, sometimes less.

• Regular meditation is essential for facilitating the flow of this energy. However, more meditation is not necessarily better. Normally, about 20 minutes once a day, or 10 minutes twice a day is good.

• Exercises such as Yoga or Tai Chi help facilitate the flow of Kundalini.

• If you are releasing physical, psychic or emotional toxins outside of meditation, you may experience a bit of negativity, magnified emotions, or feel a little physically toxic. Remember that this is part of the growth and healing, and allow these things to come up and move on.

• Find positive avenues in your life to express this new creative energy.

If you need further clarification, feel free to send your questions.


Can you guide me on the following: In the Inner Light Meditation, can you explain more about the "Inner screen that fills the space behind the brow"?. Do you mean that I should try to focus on the space at the centre of and behind the eyes? In this case, I feel a slight strain in the eyes, probably since trying to focus on the middle of the eyes, has a slight effect on the eyes to converge at a centre, which is a stressful situation.


The inner screen is whatever you see when you direct your visual attention - your mind's eye - forward with your eyes closed. The key to this meditation is simply gazing comfortably at the entire inner screen and whatever may appear on it... particles or patterns of light, images, pictures, or scenes. If there is nothing on the screen, that's alright.

There are traditional meditations that instruct one to focus on the point between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose. However, so that meditators will not encounter the problem you described - the strain in the eyes - I have not suggested that one narrow the focus in this way. Gently gaze at the whole screen... if your attention is naturally and comfortably is drawn to one portion of the screen, it's alright.


During this whole process towards Ascension, how do you ensure that you ARE on the right track, that you are doing it better and better i.e. that you are making progress?? Are there any landmarks on this journey?


First, it's important to understand that each soul is unique and has its own unique evolutionary plan. Therefore, the signs along the path will differ for each soul.

Sometimes we are given a wonderful taste of spiritual grace to show us we are on track. Sometimes we are given new insights about ourself, or a deeper understanding about life's mysteries. At times we are given challenging new tasks. Sometimes confirmation comes via our quiet inner voice, or through something a friend says, or from being led to a particular page in a book that describes our experience. The possibilities are many. If you ask for a sign, you will receive one.

Second, it's most helpful to not approach meditation and spirituality with the idea of "doing it better." Simply doing it is what counts. If you have the intent to grow in the Light; if you are meditating daily; if you are trying to stay centered and loving; and if you are trying to follow the quiet promptings of your heart... then you can rest assured that you are making progress toward Ascension.


I was told that when in meditation you should think about a Koan. Is that true?


There are many forms of meditation, and the use of Koans is only one of them. Generally, Koan study is done under the guidance of a Zen Master, who has the wisdom to know if your answers are a true reflection of spiritual insight, or merely a product of the intellect. If the Zen Master sees that you have truly understood the Koan, you are given another, which is designed to take you to the next stage of awakening.

You can certainly try meditating on a Koan, such as "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" And if there happens to be a Zen Master in your neighborhood, it would indeed be worth while to visit him or her. However, there are other meditation methods that are more easily done without the guidance of a totally awakened teacher.

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