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A Daily Dip in the Light
by Jim Malloy

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Have you ever returned home from a really rough day, feeling down and depleted and funky-dirty, then hopped into the shower or bath and emerged feeling refreshed, recharged, and remarkably clean? By contrast, your feeling of well-being may have been all the more enjoyable. And if the old saying, "cleanliness is next to godliness" had popped into your mind, it might have been met with something like, "Aha, so that's what they were talking about!"

sunMeditation produces a cleansing as well... but it occurs beneath the surface, at the deeper levels of your being. And rather than water, the cleansing agent is light... spiritual light. Each time you meditate, you are dipping into the Spiritual Source within you, receiving an influx of its cleansing, elevating, nourishing and healing spiritual light. Sometimes you will actually perceive this light in some way during your meditation, and at other times it may not be apparent. But whether or not it is noticeable, this influx of light is occurring to some degree in the depths of your being each time you meditate. And because of this "light-wash," meditators generally feel better after meditating, regardless of whether or not it seemed like anything was happening in the meditation.

As the light pours in, it really does have a cleansing effect... washing away the toxic energies you've picked up during the course of a day, a week, a year, a lifetime. More often than not, this process is extremely gradual. However, it is occurring, and little by little, it will free you from those toxins which are responsible for discomfort, disease, and limitation in your life. What are the beneficial effects of this cleansing?

The beneficial effects

The more the light cleanses you of these toxic energies - and the impediments they pose - the more freely the light can flow throughout your various systems... your physical energy system... your emotional body and endocrine system... your brain and nervous system... and your consciousness. And the more freely the light is flowing, the more smoothly and effectively these systems can operate, and the more well-being you can experience on all these levels. Conversely, when the light is not flowing freely, these various systems cannot function optimally... they become "starved" for the light and become progressively more vulnerable to dysfunction and/or disease.

Let's take a brief tour of these systems to see how they are effected by the light.
• The light cleanses the grosser toxic energies from your physical system. Because the light is the primary spiritual healing force, its freedom to flow unimpeded throughout your physical body and physical energy system is essential for maintaining good health.

• The light cleanses your emotional body of stored up emotional toxins. Your emotional body, your endocrine (glandular) system, and your chakra system are all intimately connected. A constant flow of light both nourishes and balances these facets of your being... essential ingredients for experiencing well-being and maintaining emotional balance.

• The light provides a highly refined form of fuel for your brain and nervous system. When fueled with the light, there is greater mental clarity and a feeling of ease, and you are able to function in a calm and effective manner. This light-fuel also enhances your reasoning ability and stimulates your creativity. When the light is impeded, the opposite generally results. Those late afternoon energy/mood "sinkers" which most of us have experienced, are a good example of how you may feel when this occurs.

• When the light fills your consciousness, your entire state of awareness is elevated to levels of higher truth and insight... ultimately resulting in "enlightenment". Although this happens gradually, there are occasional quantum leaps in awareness, which manifest as mystical states, and are often experienced as being filled with, immersed in, or one with the light.

candle burningAll this is catalyzed by consistently contacting the Spiritual Source which exists within each of us, and drawing forth its spiritual light. Along with these positive internal changes, another interesting change begins to occur when you are contacting the Spiritual Source daily. You begin attracting to yourself that which you need, more readily and effortlessly. Meditators often comment on how things "just sort of come along," or "simply fall into place."

Teachers from various spiritual traditions have spoken of this principle in different ways, and have referred to the Spiritual Source by different names. Jesus thoroughly understood this mystical principle, and expressed it by saying, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you"... "First seek the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be added to you."

A little meditation each day keeps the whole process moving, keeps the light flowing... not only cleansing, but "lubricating" and toning your various systems, and opening the door to more fulfillment with less effort. Does it matter which method of meditation you use? Most forms of meditation will serve this purpose. Those which directly connect you with the spiritual light that exists within the heart of your being... your core Self, are particularly good for this.

Here is a simple meditation which will give you a good light-wash. As with most meditations, it is best approached with relaxed effort, not forcing anything... just accepting what occurs and allowing it to flow easily.

Heart-Light Meditation

woman meditating

• Sit comfortably with your eyes closed.

• Take a few moments to pay attention to your breathing, allowing everything to settle a bit.

• Imagine an intensely bright, golden-white light shining deep within your heart. Think of it as a boundless inner reservoir of spiritual light... or as a spark of the greater Spirit, if you like.

• With relaxed effort, imagine this brilliant golden-white light gently radiating outward from your heart... beaming out in all directions.

• Imagine the light radiating outward from your heart, through your entire body and beyond... cleansing and spiritualizing you and everything it touches.

• Just breathe and let the light gently beam out from your heart.

• After 10 or 15 minutes take a couple of deep breaths and slowly open your eyes.

Practicing this - or another form of meditation - daily, will provide you with a daily dip in the light, and all the various benefits which come along with it. But the importance of it goes beyond just the individual benefits. At this time, there is a tremendous amount of transformational light energy pouring into Planet Earth's atmosphere, raising Earth's vibration... working to spiritualize our planet and all its inhabitants. We can open ourselves to this energy or resist it.

Because your inner spiritual light and this transformational light are part of the same evolutionary energy, consciously dipping into your inner light daily is an excellent way of opening to this larger cosmic force. It allows the light to work on you and through you, keeping you in the upward spiral of this spiritualizing process, and also making you a beacon of light... touching and uplifting all those around you. In this way, you are playing a positive role in our spiritual evolution to a higher and happier, more peaceful, loving and harmonious life on Planet Earth.

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