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Your Cosmic Journey: The Earth Experience
by Jim Malloy

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incense You may be familiar with the quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: "You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience." Expanding on this premise, the following story is intended to give your mind a chance to soar a bit, beyond the mundane... beyond the daily drama. Currently, there are various teachings encouraging us to be fully present and in the moment. As valuable as this practice is, at times it can be helpful - and fun - to just let the mind stretch out and explore the vast possibilities of who we are and what we're doing here. I tend to avoid presenting information from a "here's-the-absolute-truth" posture. So, as you are reading this, just accept what rings true for you and toss out the rest.

The Joy of Being a Spiritual Being

Imagine yourself as a being of light - a spark of the boundless Universal Consciousness - imbued with its various attributes of love, intelligence, wisdom, peace, joy and creative power... all in your own unique blend.

As a spiritual being you are free to travel about and explore this limitless universe. As a spiritual being, you are free to dwell in and enjoy any of it's countless worlds. So you journey through sublime realms of light... worlds that are magnificently beautiful, with brilliant suns lighting up skies of breathtaking, shimmering colors... worlds with celestial music filling their atmosphere... worlds inhabited by a variety of other beings of light and joy like yourself.

candle burning

You immerse yourself in one world for awhile, and then move on to the next... each offering its own unique and wonderful pleasures... each offering a variety of opportunities for you to unfold and express your unlimited divine potential.

You have experienced so many wondrous realms on your journey, but now you find yourself seeking something new... a world that will pose some formidable challenges - some serious limitations and obstacles to overcome. To master such challenging conditions, you will have to stretch and grow and expand way beyond your current capacity. To thrive in such a world, you will have to dig deeper within yourself and call forth new strengths and abilities. Yes, there must be new pleasures as well, but you are in the mood for a challenge.

Choosing the Earth Experience

As you think this, you find yourself floating in space, observing an attractive, blue-green planet orbiting an average sized sun. This planet is more solid than any you've experienced - a part of the dense physical plane - and your inner voice tells you that it will offer the challenges, and pleasures, that you seek.


You decide to give it a try, so you zoom in closer to learn the procedure for checking in to this planet known as Earth, and becoming one of its denizens. After familiarizing yourself with the planet's basic guidelines, you choose a set of prospective parents, outline a general curriculum, and prepare to enter this new world, immersing yourself - temporarily - in the human experience.

You enter as a helpless infant, and although the details are a bit cloudy in your newly formed brain, in your larger awareness you still remember who you are... a spiritual being who chose to come here for a new and unique experience. Before long, however, you will forget this. Forgetting was part of the agreement... part of the earth game. But even though you will forget, somewhere in the depths of your soul will be the faint memory of who you are and where you've been, and the wisdom that has become a permanent part of you as a result.

Your parents are intelligent, loving people, and they nurture you and provide you with a good foundation as you grow into adulthood. As you grow, you quickly begin to discover this planet's unusual dynamics.

The Limits of Physical Reality

You discover two strange things called time and gravity. Living in a world with these two dynamics, you can't just zip from place to place, propelled only by the thought of being there... you must move deliberately from point to point. When not being carried, crawling is your initial form of transportation. Then after awhile, you learn about walking.

These will have to do until you grow old enough to use alternative forms of transportation. All this, just to get from place to place seems kind of silly, and will indeed require some effort and patience. But soon you get the hang of it, along with other such basics for navigating physical reality.

One of the more disconcerting dynamics you discover, is that there is an unpredictable time-lag between when you think about a situation you want to bring about, and the time it takes for it to actually materialize. Having the patience to wait for things to take shape could indeed be challenging. This quality called "patience" keeps popping up.


You even find that at times, situations you choose to experience don't seem to materialize at all. How could that be?! Although you don't quite remember why, somewhere in your mind is still the faint idea that it's easy. You just think it and there it is. But that doesn't appear to be how it works here.

And what is that uncomfortable sensation you feel when things don't happen like you picture them? You discover that this is an emotion called "frustration," and comes from not succeeding at what you are trying to do, and you think to yourself, "this place, with all its obstructions and emotions, is complicated."

But as the clouds of emotion pass and your mood brightens, you tell yourself, "I can do this. I'll just have to focus my efforts a little more, and learn more about how things work here." So you apply yourself to the task, and little by little you become more adept at creating the circumstances you choose, despite the limitations of physical reality. You also get better at accepting those things that simply will not materialize the way you want.

As you meet these challenges and overcome the various obstacles in your path, you stretch your abilities and grow in many ways. And although you don't remember that this was part of the plan, somehow it feels good.

Learning Unconditional Love

As you grow up, you are shocked to discover that everyone here does not necessarily act in a loving manner. In fact, some of the individuals here are so unloving that they actually harm or even take the life of their fellow beings! How could this be?! You realize that this will definitely present a big challenge... how to be loving toward people who appear to be so unloving.


You sense that there is a spark of love in everyone, which is the same as the spark of love that is in you... that you are all part of the same loving existence. So you try very hard to find that light in people, even though it may be covered by clouds of fear and pain. And when you can sense the light that you share, it's a lot easier to love people, even when they are not acting so loving themselves. Little by little, you master this new challenge... and similar to having mastered the previous challenge, it feels good.

Waking Up and Remembering

So you go through your human lifetime encountering various challenges like this. Each time a new problem presents itself, you lose a bit of your inner peace. But you solve the problem and your peace returns, and you feel good about yourself and about what you've accomplished.

But your life in the physical world is not just a series of obstacles to overcome and problems to be solved. Much of your life here is a real joy, filled with a variety of pleasures, many of which you had never encountered in other worlds. So your Earth experience becomes a blend of pleasures and pains... delights and dilemmas.


And so it goes throughout your lifetime. And so it goes throughout a whole series of lifetimes. Until... after you have mastered so many challenges... after you have expanded so much of your light and wisdom... after you have learned to express so much more of your love, joy, intelligence, creativity and other divine qualities... you re-awaken completely to the memory of who you are - a spiritual being journeying through this limitless universe.

What an ecstatic experience it is!... as the memory of your spiritual nature returns and the illusion of separation dissolves. How blissful it is!... to experience the power of spiritual energy surging fully and freely through your physical body. What a great relief it is to come home to the unfettered freedom and unshakeable peace of your true spiritual self and your Spiritual Source.

You have played the game here in this physical world and won. And reflecting on it all, you think to yourself, "Yes, the Earth experience was indeed challenging... and fulfilling in ways I never could have imagined. Now where in this limitless universe do I want to go from here?"

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